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Founded in 1931, GIA is a professional institution and America’s authority on gems. GIA is a nonprofit research institute that provides gemological education.

The educational foundation works to ensure public trust and serve the global gem and jewelry industry. GIA provides knowledge and expertise to maintain the jewelry industry’s stability and integrity, and uses a combination of faith, science, and learning in order to create the non-profit services.

The founder of 4C is well-known for establishing the diamond 4Cs (color, clarity, cutting, and carat weight). The organization is also the birthplace of the International Diamond Grading System. Today, GIA’s color grading of D to Z and clarity grading of FL to I3 are recognized as the global standards of professional jewelers and diamond buyers.


Shining light, fire, flash

  • Heart
  • Radiant
  • Emerald
  • Princess
  • Radiant
  • Round
  • Drop
  • Marguise
  • Oval
  • Cushion

The cut refers to the diamond shape, proportion, and modification. If a diamond has a delicate cut, regardless of any shape, as long as the proportion is proper and the facet arrangement is appropriate, the light will reflect like a mirror. The different facets reflect and agglomerate light at the top of the diamond to produce an irresistible fire. Therefore, proper proportions and a perfect cut will give a diamond a higher value.

Super Ideal Cut

A well-cut diamond will reflect the light through the top surface of the diamond when light enters it. A diamond cut too thin or too deep lets light slip away at the bottom, so the diamond loses luster. Appropriate proportions and a perfect cut will give a diamond a higher value.

  • Comparison of appropriate cutting
  • cutting too shallow
  • cutting too deep

What is the Super Ideal Cut? It is 3EX (Ideal Cut + eight hearts and eight arrows).

The cut not only refers to the shape of the diamond, but also includes the proportion and modification of diamonds (modification refers to polish and symmetry of the diamond).
1. Shape: Diamonds with 57-58 facets and a round brilliant cut.
2. Proportion:Conforming to the comparison table for perfect cut and proportions, round diamonds are assessed as Excellent in perfect proportion.
3. Modifications:Assessed as Excellent in perfect polish and Excellent in perfect symmetry.

Perfect proportions and angles make every Super Ideal Cut diamond display the most spectacular scintillation, sparkle, and brilliance. When cut by a world-class master, each diamond has the most precise proportions and modifications to precisely control light entering the diamond. When light completely overflows from the crown, every diamond can shine the brightest light. When the Super Ideal Cut is presented, eight hearts and eight arrows naturally arise. But a round diamond with eight hearts and eight arrows does not mean it must be a Super Ideal Cut.

    Super Ideal Cut

  • The Super Ideal Cut combines all the advantages of an ideal cut and eight hearts and eight arrows, namely the 3EX, perfect proportions, and perfect symmetry. And the diamond is polished to present a rare, unparalleled quality of top cut in the market today.
  • 1Girdle Diameter
  • 2Table
  • 3Pointed
  • 4Crown
  • 5Girdle
  • 6Pavllion

Proportion table

  • Table Size
  • Total Depth
  • Girdle Thickness
  • Culet
  • Crown Angle
  • Pavilion Angle
  • 53% - 58%
  • 59.5% - 62.9%
  • Thin - Slightly Thick
  • None - Very Small
  • 33.0° - 35.5°
  • 40.6° - 41.5°
  • Excellent
  • Excellent
  • Excellent
  • Excellent
  • Excellent
  • Excellent

The unique mark of a diamond

  • FL / IF Flawless
    (internally flawless)
  • VVS1 - VVS2 Very, Very Slightly
    Included (VVS1 and VVS2)
  • VS1 - VS2 Very Slightly
    Included (VS1 and VS2)
  • SI1 - SI2 Slightly
    Included (SI1 and SI2)
  • I1 - I2 - I3 Slightly
    Included (SI1 and SI2)
    (That which may affect the firmness of the diamond)

Each diamond is unique, and contains inherent inclusions such as mineral or uncrystallized carbon, etc. This is the unique mark that nature left in the creation of diamonds. Professionally trained appraisers use a 10 times magnifying glass to decide the clarity grade of diamond depending on the size, number, location, type, and color of inclusions or degree of obviousness.

Impact on beauty:
In fact, most diamonds above SI level have inclusions that cannot be seen by the naked eye. A diamond with fewer inclusions will shine more light and is more beautiful.

Impact on prices:
From the perspective of preservation, it is best to buy the diamonds above the grade of SI2. Otherwise, its preservation is limited.

Fineness Color

Depends on the cunning work of nature

  • Transparent and colorless
  • Colorless
  • Faint Brown
  • Very Light Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Fancy Brown

Diamonds come in a variety of different colors, from transparent and colorless to light yellow, rare golden yellow, green, orange, blue, pink, and various other fun colors. But most diamonds are rendered from transparent and colorless, to nearly colorless and pale yellow. The fineness of the diamond grade begins from “D” to “Z.” Each letter represents a distinction in subtle fineness. Diamonds closer to being clear and colorless are more rare and precious and can show the diamond’s charming glory.
Impact on prices:
A difference in subtle fineness may result in an amazing price change. From an investment prospect, it is best to buy a diamond of colorless grade or nearly colorless grade. G or H diamond is already good.


Weight and Size of the Diamond

Diamond weight is counted using “carats”; 1 carat is equivalent to 100 'points.' , so a diamond of 50 'points.' weighs 0.25 karat.
Even though a carat is an element that can clearly distinguish the diamond’s value, it is not a major factor in determining the value. Two diamonds of the same size and shape will vary far in worth due to cut, fineness, clarity, and other factors.

Impact on prices:
The heavier the gem, the higher the price per carat will be because the price increases geometrically with the number of carats and because larger diamond crystals are more valuable.
For example, a senior 2carat gem is likely three to four times more expensive than a 1carat gem because of the rarity of large diamonds.

  • 0.20

  • 0.30

  • 0.50

  • 0.70

  • 1.00

  • 1.50

  • 2.00

  • 3.00

  • Pictures are only for reference. The actual size may be different from the size on the screen.



    • White
    • Purple
    • Orange

      South Sea pearls

    • White
    • Black
    • Malachite green
    • Gold
    • Round
    • Oval
    • Drop
    • Baroque
  • Color

    The body color and floodlight are important. In general, the four color series are white with pink, silver white, champagne, and gray. White pearls with a pink gloss are expensive, but the aesthetic feeling is the subjective experience of the individual, so there is no absolute distinction of good or bad colors and prices.

  • Surface quality

    For surface quality, it is checked for purity and perfection, bead spots, and holes and cracks. Because cultured pearls are naturally occurring, it is inevitable that there are small flaws, but the size of the range, amount, depth and location will all affect its price.

  • The size

    When assessing the value of pearls, size is a decisive factor. In general, the larger the diameter, the higher the value is. Large pearl are scarce, so they are more valuable. For example: South Sea pearls with their impressive sizes are also known as “Queen of Pearls.”

    Its size is about 8~20mm. When a pearl is more than 7mm, the size and price gap will grow.

  • The shapes

    The shapes of pearl are not necessarily the same; for example, they can be round, oval, teardrop, deformed, and so on. The values vary according to the pearl’s rarity and aesthetic beauty. The most popular shape is perfectly round, which is relatively rare, so the price is more expensive. Currently, deformed pearls are also popular on the market. The shape of deformed pearls make them a designers’ favorite, as they can be used to create a variety of shapes such as flowers, insects, and other animals, which in turn give the alternative pearls extraordinary value.

Pearl maintenance

1 . Pearl needs diligent maintenance. They cannot come into contact with perfume, hair spray, or cosmetics, as the chemical change will likely cause the
1 . pearl to lose its original luster.

2 . When not worn, pearl jewelry should be wiped with a soft cloth or tissue first and then placed in a dry ventilated place.

3 . Pearls have low hardness and should not be placed with other gemstone jewelry. In order to avoid collisions and scratches, pearls should be placed and
1 . housed individually.

D & D


Diamond Checks

International certified non-conflict diamonds are selected to make Super Ideal Cut diamonds that achieve an Excellent rating of 3, so that each ideal cut diamond can shine brightly.

What is a Super Ideal Cut?

Design styles

Professional jewelry designers create long-term designs for various leading fashion works. Stories and life experiences are added to make the style resonate with your heart.


Exclusively tailored


Listen to the heart

Customers have ideas and designs specific to them. After understanding the preferences and needs of customers, we can help them find the best D&D wedding ring.

Selection of style on site

Diamond: D&D offers a variety of wedding ring styles for selection. You may freely mix diamond grade and size to customize the most ideal diamond.

Free professional creative designs

The series of products are constantly being innovated by the linking of customers’ emotions with designers’ concepts. After the initial design sketches, the perfect diamond ring is created step by step

Start tailoring

  • 1.Precious metals and professional production

    Once the design has been passed, artisans cast a rare precious metal to plate the customized fine jewelry.

  • 2.Refined inlay

    Using tweezers and pliers, the gem inlaying master conducts fixation adjustment on the inserts for the jewel. The precision cut is undertaken by an experienced mosaic master.

  • 3.Polishing and plating

    Each piece has to be polished at least three times. Delicate polishing makes the surface of precious metals shine.


In about 15 working days, your ideal wedding ring will be delivered to you.

(excluding holidays)

Service after sales

1 Offer first interior ring engraving service for free.

2 Offer free jewelry maintenance and cleaning services.

3 Offer free ring resizing (excluding platinum goods, rings can only be resized one size up and two sizes down).