About D&D

Aesthetically Focused

D&D Jewelry is a jewelry brand that inherited a century’s worth of goldsmith craftsmanship. The brand adopts “Design from the heart” as is its brand purpose. D&D also focuses on aesthetic beauty. Professional requirements are meticulously followed to improve workmanship and uphold the boutique design concept, in order to spread the unique style of Taiwan’s brand.

Leading made in Taiwan boutique jewelry .Taiwan’s preferred pearl diamond wedding ring brand.

1. Professional
In Pursuit of a Professionality

D&D jewelry employs more than 10 GIA (Gemological Institute of America) licensed appraisers and jewelry designers, uses in-house precision tools, and invested million of dollars in precision testing instruments for jewelry and precious metals.

2. Design
Desire For Design

D&D Professional jewelry designers design a variety of fashion forward jewelry, Jewelry is completely redesigned with Passion and Desire.

3. Tailor made
Desire for tailor-made

Customers can specify the level and quality of diamonds and pearls based on their preferences and budget. Old jewelries can be redesigned to meet the various needs.

4. Quality
Desire for Sustained Quality

All diamonds go through the strict checks of GIA (Gemological Institute of America) appraisers. To guarantee quality, only diamonds with 3Excellent rating are used, and GIA international appraisal and D&D brand certificate serve as double authentication.

5. Service
Desire for Satisfactory Services

1.Offer first time interior ring engraving service for free
2.Offer free jewelry maintenance and cleaning services.
3.Offer free ring resizing.
(excluding platinum goods, rings can only be resized one size up and two sizes down)



- “Design from the heart” is the brand philosophy of Design & Desire.
- Stationed counters in major department stores nationwide.
- Invited well-known artist Miss Ruby Lin as brand spokesperson.


- The only jewelry brand work with DTC (formerly De Beers) from
- diamond design, professional production, to wholesale with its own
- sales channels in Taiwan.


- First MIT jewelry brand to start fostering high-quality design
- professionals for the domestic jewelry industry; hosted the first D&D
- Jewelry Design Competition.


- Hosted the second D&D Jewelry Design Competition.
- In cooperation with 007 movie, Die Another Day, launched Pro68 &
- 007 limited gift packages.
- In cooperation with MOTOROLA V66 mobile phone, launched the
- “Crystal Pearl Pendants,” which became a popular pendant in
- young women’s fashion.
- Launched the “unique and irreplaceable” D&D Pearl TV ads.


- Cooperated with Ruby Lin, starring in the TV show “Wisteria Love,”
- to design a limited theatre necklace.
- Launched the “Love Light Everywhere” and “I LOVE YOU” D&D
- Diamond TV ads.


- Hosted the third D&D Jewelry Design Competition.
- “I LOVE YOU” D&D Diamond TV commercials won in the 28th
- Times Advertising Awards, including Best Video Advertising Award,
- a total of four major awards.


- Participated in the Republic of China Employment Services
- Association’s charity to help children of unemployed families and to
- encourage donations.


- Cooperated with well-known Taiwanese illustrator, Shan Shaozhen,
- who drew illustrations for the D&D series.


- 10th anniversary.
- Cooperated with “Legend of Fairy and Sword ONLINE” game, and
- jointly launched a line of products for “Fairy Love Series.”
- Cooperated with Locus Publishing of “Diamond Dream Project’s
- The Necklace: Thirteen Women and the Experiment that
- Transformed Their Lives” to jointly launch Diamond Dream Project
- activities in Taiwan.


- Opened flagship store at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Xintiandi A8,
- and invited artist Ruby Lin to come back home and work with D&D
- designers to design the “Natural South Sea Pearl” set and attend
- the opening ceremony.


- Invited Dream Girls as the brand spokesperson for the year,and
- design products exclusive with D&D jewelry.
- Established Takashimaya Department Store, China’s first flagship
- store, in Changning District, Shanghai.


Profession and Technology

“Diamonds” lead in D&D JEWELRY creativity. The strong design team makes creative designs; whether it is smooth ring lines or a sophisticated mosaic of diamonds, the designs help make D&D JEWELRY diamonds shine brightly. The design team has GIA-qualified (Gemological Institute of America) professionals that can pick out the perfect diamond for customers. With an emphasis on teamwork, diamond appraisers collaborate to ensure a rigorous screening of diamonds. Furthermore, the team provides all customers with the most professional and comprehensive follow-up services. From screening, design, and inlay work of diamonds, customers can feel the unique team’s enthusiasm in the design and service of the D&D JEWELRY brand.

D&D JEWELRY is Taiwan’s first natural pearls brand. The main materials used are natural colored pearls of AA level and above. A simple design is adopted in combination with precious metals and popular composite materials to create natural colored pearl jewelry that is unique, practical, and matching. In the South Sea Pearl series, each pearl has been cultivated in a natural clam shell for up to two years in the deep sea. The flawless sheen demonstrates the high quality of D&D JEWELRY.

In the trend to pursue unique designs, all kinds of pearls, such as South Sea pearls, deformation beads, etc., are combined with rare colored gemstones, such as diamonds and emeralds. The intricate designs are ingenious and creative. They not only give the jewelry a distinctive charm, but also more perfectly interpret the elegant style of women’s fashion.